The Studio Tour promotional magazine is a 5.5" x 8.5" saddle stitched publication on glossy 80 lb. stock. We continue to maintain the high level of design that has been our trademark from the beginnings of the tour. Depending on the number of artists who participate in this year's tour and the number of ads sold, the magazine runs approximately 20-25 pages. There will be 5000 copies printed and they will be distributed to the mailing lists of the participating artists, to all advertising businesses and any other local businesses which are willing to put them on display for distribution, and also through the Arvada Visitors Center. These brochures have a longer shelf life than most newspaper or flyer ads because people often keep them throughout the year as a reminder of artists whose work they have purchased or admired.

Another advantage of placing an ad in the Studio Tour magazine is that your business will be added to the Sponsors Page on this web site, so that your contact information will remain available to all visitors to the site throughout the year. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you've had a hand in promoting local artists and are a part of a vibrant artistic community that brings added value to Arvada as a nice place to live.

The price for a full page ad (5" x 8") is $140. A half page ad (5" x 3.8" horizontal) is $75. A quarter page ad (2.4" x 3.8" vertical) is $40. To download a template to create your own ad, click on the size you want. The template has instructions for creating and submitting your ad. If you would like us to create an ad for you please email: or contact Judy Gardner at 303-421-9597.