Shaman/Artist, Judy Gardner, was born in Japan and grew up there and in Panama. Her parents, a writer and an artist, provided an intellectual and artistic environment. Growing up outside the United States separated her from American popular culture. Instead, she was exposed to the spiritual traditions and learned to appreciate the cultures of the places she lived or visited.

Once back in the United States, Judy attended Northern Arizona University and earned a BFA in Graphic Design. At the University of Colorado in Denver, she later earned an MH in Fine Art and Theater. Realizing that the Graphic Design world was headed more and more in the direction of computers, Judy taught herself Photoshop and 3D Studio. She formed her own company, Gardner Animation Specialists, Ltd., doing technical animation for court exhibits, architectural visualization, manufacturing and construction visualization and has taught 3D animation and Digital Image Manipulation at the Art Institute of Colorado, Regis University and Metropolitan State College.

Judy's current artistic work is directed toward expressing spiritual concepts visually through the use of sacred geometry, dream imagery, and a certain ironic twist. Layers of images and layers of meaning are her trademark. Her work ranges from large scale installation work to print-making and painting, and has recently been focused on combining traditional and digital techniques (Tradigital?) Her Shamanic work focuses on helping people to find healing and direction through personal self expression in the arts.