Alchemy is the ancient art and science of transformation. Alchemists used the properties of natural materials to illustrate esoteric principles which would have been banned by the church and subject to the persecutions of the Inquisition had they been widely known.

Having grown tired of the persecutions of the church, myself, I turned to the ancient ways, seeking personal healing and transformation using many of the methods of the ancient alchemists.

Physical experiments purporting to turm lead into gold were merely a picture of the long and trying mental process of emotional death and recreation by water and fire that the ancient alchemists believed could lead you to the final treasure, the Philosopher's Stone.This was not an actual stone, but an understanding of the nature of reality that would bestow immortality. When you truly understand that death is not the end - it no longer holds any fear. Without fear, you can accomplish anything.


In order to reach the Astral Plane where healing and transformation take place - you must find a portal.
Everyone wants to get into the act.