Open Studio times are intended for the (at least slightly) experienced printmaker. The cost is $10 per hour and includes the use of the presses, printers, guillotine and sewing machine.

Some materials are available for sale, but our selection is really limited as we're not a retail store, so you will probably want to check in advance regarding things like plates, inks and paper to make sure we have what you'll need for your project. I purchase many supplies for large format digital printing in bulk and will usually have those in stock.

Please call in advance to let me know when you're planning on coming. If I don't have anyone scheduled to be here, I can't guarantee I'll be here if you just drop in. I have a tendency to wander off.





We are equipped to do solar plate intaglio and relief printing, polyester plate lithography, dry point and a variety of monoprint techniques. We are not equipped to do stone lithography, etching or any method requiring large quantities of toxic chemicals.

Most of the inks we use are waterbase (because of our aversion to toxic chemicals), but this is not a point of doctrine. The occasional introduction of oil based inks to the studio will not result in being burned at the stake.

Another specialty at Alchemical Eye Studios is the combination of traditional and digital printmaking techniques. We have a large format printer using archival inks and we are more openminded than most service bureaus about what materials we will run through it. Large format printing runs about $7 a square foot depending on what material you are printing on and whether you provided it or we did.

This is not a printmaking class - it is open time to use the facilities and work in the company of other artists. I will be available to answer questions, however, if you need extensive instruction you can schedule private instruction for $30 per hour. Once you feel comfortable with the techniques, then you can work independently during Open Studio time.


Still Life with Dancer I & II

Digital print on textured Tyvek with irridescent underpainting and acrylic overpainting